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Everybody Knows Bob is a New York-based art studio founded by pop artist Raphael Zhou in 2019.

In summer 2019, Soho NYC, we successfully held the first ever art exhibit that presents pop art in an interactive and entertaining way. The two-month show not only features original artworks but also dope installations that people can play with to express creativity.


In fall 2019, East Village NYC, we had our second two-month exhibit that fuses hip hop music with interactive art installations to bring our guests a multi-sensorial art experience.


Some of our design highlights are: a life-size gorilla skeleton decorated in 86,320 Swarovski crystals, a giant pink rose throne floating in the air, a vault with $200,000,000 cash piling up, a polka dot mystery room that can energize your body, the butterfly misty forest, holy wings, fire wall and so much more. Our guests also met Bob who has a rafflesia flower head, talked to his teeny-tiny friend Bee, and oh...the dwarf unicorn!


Stay tuned for more future art shows and cool collaborations!

8 Fun Facts About Bob:


Rafflesia Bobii, aka. our logo, commonly called Bob, is the only known remaining member of the family Rafflesiahominidae, who has a combination of human body and rafflesia flower head.


Bob has a pet bee called Bee.


Bob’s head has self-healing ability. He was once beheaded in combat and survived. 


Bob wears slippers all the time. 


Bob is a little overweight and he doesn’t care.


Bob’s favorite food is pork bun.


Bob spends long time in his restroom playing his phone.


Bob is rich, and enjoys keeping his assets in cash.

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