Swarovski Skeleton Series

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Launched Winter 2019, the Swarovski Skeleton Series is our luxury creative line that presents the rarest and most prestigious artworks for top collectors. This project aggressively and glamorously explores the most primitive beauty of nature and the cycle of life and death. 

First displayed at the Fall 2019 'Everybody Knows Bob: UNDERWORLD' art exhibition in New York, our debut masterpiece:KONG features a life-size male gorilla skeleton fully adorned with 86,320 light rose Swarovski crystals of 5 different sizes. One-of-a-kind art piece to elevate your collection.

— The silverback lowland gorilla skeleton used in this piece is 1:1 cast from a very large male specimen (Original skeleton courtesy of the Philadelphia Zoo)

— 48" L (stance) x 26" W x 48" H

— Designed and Made by Raphael Zhou

— Made in USA

More series see link below.

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